Michelle Rhee…
Kaya Henderson…
Antwan Wilson…
Lewis Ferebee…


Leading a major school system is the perfect springboard to the consulting work you actually want to be doing.

DC Public Schools is proud to have provided a pass-through job to some of the best profiteers and hucksters out there.

Do you have what it takes to

  • Disparage teachers unions?
  • Abuse the system to benefit your friends?
  • Promote the woefully inexperienced into top posts?
  • Bail for greener pastures at the first hint of accountability?

It’s not all fun and Time Magazine covers, though.

Chancelloring is hard work – those school nurses don’t lay themselves off, after all.

Read more about what the job requires, and the accomplishments of your predecessors.

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Michelle Rhee

Michelle Rhee


Kaya Henderson


Antwan Wilson

Antwan Wilson


Lewis Ferebee

Lewis Ferebee

2018-2021 (probably)


2-4 years, scandals depending